# Description: With this App we bring the TechHippo-Communtiy on the iPhone and you can directly access your TechHippo program, courses and network. Unleash entrepreneurial skills with our innovation programs. TechHippo is designed to inspire entrepreneurial confidence in your team, your organisation and in yourself. TechHippo supercharges your career with the perfect mixture of micro-learning videos, mentoring from top experts in their field and a strong focus on p2p learning. Our unique curriculum provides you with challenges, feedback sessions and hands-on implementation support to enable you to build your MVP. TechHippo is highly practical. It only teaches you things that drive results today. You are in charge of the classes you take, as and when they are most relevant to you. # What is TechHippo? Mission: At TechHippo every hour of learning has been created for one reason: to support purpose-driven creators in their efforts to build solutions that bring value to society. We love to see people grow, learn, and devote their time to building. Some keep growing, others fail – but come what may, the ones that stand up again are the ones that leave a dent in the universe.

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