BNbitcoin (BNBTC) is the first pure mined BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It is engineered as a smart contract combining the deflationary policy and transparent tokenomics of Bitcoin with the low transaction and token minting costs of the Binance Smart Chain. This makes BNbitcoin (BNBTC) at the same time the best candidate as store of value on BSC but also suitable for micro-payments thanks to the less expensive transaction costs if compared to Bitcoin.

The Front Pub区块链nft系统开发

A dapp that gives you a platform for sharing memes, news or any other type of media. Choose from showing a simple link, a clickable image, a video or an iframe to your resource.

Use ETH to give your publication a score. A publication with the biggest score will be shown on the front page. The long…